Synergistic Research BLUE Quantum Fuses

Synergistic Research

$124.95 USD 

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Through the different releases of SR fuses, the improvements have been dramatic. The performance jump from the original SR20 to RED fuse was big, and the improvements from the RED to the BLACK were even greater. The improvement from BLACK to the BLUE fuse is now the most significant performance leap over all prior SR fuse models to date.

New UEF Graphene coating, two years in development, and UEF quantum treatments make the BLUE fuse significantly more holographic and dynamic than even the incredible SR BLACK fuse. Resolution and musicality are second to none.

Unlike the Black Quantum fuse, the Blue Quantum fuse needs only 24 hrs to start opening up. And from then on it only gets better every day...

Synergistic Research BLUE Quantum Fuses are available in many variants - small (5x20mm), large (6.3x32mm), fast blow (F) and slow blow (T).

Small and Large BLUE fuses are both $124.95 MSRP.

Most Wanted Component 2017 Award
Norm Luttbeg, The StereoTimes, wrote:

"...the Quantum Blue fuses are the latest design from Synergistic Research. They are expensive but are clearly superior to their Black Fuse line that they replaced. As has so often been my reward in assessing components lately, they add realism. The recorded event really displaces your speaker wall. And you can hear decay in the room or stage..."

Positive Feedback's Brutus Award 2017 for Synergistic Research's BLUE Quantum Fuse

Frank Pernice concluded (Audiogon Forum, Sept.2017):
"...based upon what they’ve done for my system, I highly recommend them and wouldn’t want to live without them. I just don’t know how to get this kind of improvement for such a small investment. I don’t mean to sound like an audio snob here, but we are talking about high end audio where the price of entry could choke a horse... it's a winning product for sure! My system is sounding better than ever. Way better than I thought it ever would..."
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