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Shun Mook Mpingo Disc

The Mpingo Disc was invented by the Shun Mook team and is around for many years. It is made from a combination of Gaboon and Mpingo Ebony, treated with a proprietary process that gives the disc a unique property to regulate the resonance of any sonic component and its transmission. Yet this is very simple to us, just place one to three discs on top of your preamp, CD transport, DA converter turntable etc., and listen for the wonderful change in your HiFi system. When the Shun Mook Mpingo disc gets excited by any external acoustic energy, it will resonate throughout the entire audible spectrum, thus overriding unwanted harmonic distortions and at the same enriching the musical reproduction.

For the last years Shun Mook Acoustics Inc. has introduced a new concept and a new approach to usage of material in the control of acoustic resonance in High Fidelity. There is no real magic about Shun Mook's products. They are all based on simple high school physics - "Sympathetic Resonance". As all elements in this universe will resonate when like pattern energy is generated from another material. Just as in a physics experiment when you excite a metal tuning fork of say the "A" frequency and hold it close to another static "A" tuning fork. The result is that the second tuning fork will also get excited because same frequency energy is transferred through the air to cause the vibration. Thus when the musical energy produced by any Hi Fi system will excite to different degree of all materials within the space covered by the acoustic spectrum. Different materials will have a positive or negative effect on each other influencing the final music re-production. The secret is to control and tame such resonance to the advantage of the system.

It is commonly known that many musical instruments use Mpingo and other ebony wood to create the most natural musical tones and harmonics. Just like the clarinet, the violin and other wind and string instruments uses the ebony as the essential component to generate the sound. With many years of research and development Shun Mook has designed and brought forth several revolutionary devices in the technique of electronic audio enhancement. 

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The objective of this paper is to measure the acoustic characteristics with and without Shun Mook Mpingo Discs (SMD as follow) under the same HiFi setting.

3 SMDs were put in the domestic environment under Shun Mook Instructions and the Sound Pressure Level (SPL as below), Phase and harmonics were measured. The 2-D Waterfall diagram was adopted to determine the output reverberate time (RT60).

Measurable and repeatable result can be made by acoustic equipment. 3 SMD enhance the harmonics effect in the audio band. Over the past 30-year practical experience from the Shun Mook founders, Shun Mook Mpingo discs were created and applications of them were developed in order to reinforce the analog sound by special structure of Ebony and tweaking the SMD.

There are series of instructions of application of SMD. However, instruction 8, Simplified Spatial Control was selected to test the SMD effect on acoustics. The placement of SMD in the HiFi setting was recommended by the Shun Mook founders. The results of measurement show the enhancement on RT 60 and harmonic reinforcement.

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