highend-electronics digital-terminator "75 ohm"


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Now NEW with Dual Cryo Treatment!

Open, non-detachable and unused digital outputs and inputs (S/PDIF) on CD-Players, CD-Transports or DACs generate reflections. These reflections become overlayed as returning waves to the main signal. Unfortunately this produces digital diffusion and worsens the overall sound quality. A 75 Ohm resistor within an RCA phono plug for the termination of the unused digital output or input can avoid this problem. The result is a more accurate, cleaner and well-balanced sound.

A shielded, top-quality Neutrik RCA phono plug with gold plated contacts and a Vishay precision metal-film resistor ensure the exact termination of your digital output. The RCA plug is compound-filled in order to avoid vibrations and cryogenically treated. The digital-terminator is a must-have item, especially given its' price! A big improvement in the sound for a small investment!

The price is $29.95 each.

Andy Fawcett, Audiophilia.com by (March 2009):
"... a harmonically richer presentation and a smoother, tighter and fuller sound, fractionally increased resolution, that sort of thing."

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