highend-electronics analog-terminator "shorties" (pair)


$18.00 USD 

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Now NEW with Dual Cryo Treatment!

Similar to digital inputs, unused analog inputs on your power amp, pre-amp or integrated amp act as aerials for RFI, polluting the circuit and degrading the overall sound performance of your hifi system. Plug in our analog-terminator "shortie" and you will get reduced distortion, lower background noise and a cleaner and well-balanced sound.

A shielded, cryogenically treated, top-quality Neutrik RCA phono plug with gold plated contacts will shorten your unused inputs on your power amp, pre-amp or integrated amp.

Do not use the "shorties" on any amplifier output !

The price is $18.00 for a pair.

Andy Fawcett, Audiophilia.com (March 2009):
"...and yes, they brought about a sonic improvement that easily surpassed my modest expectations. There was a cleaner, clearer feel to the soundstage – not really extra resolution as such, more of a ‘tidier’ presentation."

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