Furutech NCF Clear Line


$275.00 USD 

NEW: Furutech NCF Clear Line

A new addition to Furutech's NCF range, the NCF Clear Line is an AC power optimizer that instantly improves the quality of the electrical signal supplied to your audio devices and therefore offers better sound reproduction. Very easy to use, simply plug the NCF Clear Line into a free power outlet of a power strip. For optimum effect, it is recommended to use the NCF Clear Line on the same power line as your audio system. The result is an expanded sound stage, a beautiful balance of timbres and convincing harmonics. The low frequencies are also cleaner and the background noise level is reduced.

NCF technology
The Clear Line uses Furutech's NCF hybrid structure. This specially developed material incorporating a crystalline material was chosen for its ability to passively remove static charges and efficiently dissipate thermal energy. This remarkable material is coupled with ceramic and carbon nanoparticles to provide additional piezoelectric damping and resonance absorption. This makes the Nano Crystal² Formula an unrivalled solution for mechanical and electrical damping.

Alpha Treatment
Under the shell of the Clear Line NCF there are two Copper OCC coils. These undergo an Alpha treatment (α) developed by Furutech. This treatment consists of a first cryogenization step followed by a second demagnetization step to increase the conductivity of the material.

 Paul Schumann of Enjoy the Music.com concluded (June 2021):
"...as you can probably guess by now, the skeptic in me has been won over by the NCF Clear Lines. The improvements they made to my system were more dramatic than I had anticipated. Their ability to draw me deeper into the music blew me away. Considering their modest price tag, I consider them one of the great bargains in audio..." 
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