Nasotec VEM Spike & Shoe COMBO


$220.00 USD 

Nasotec VEM Spike & Shoe COMBO

- VEM principle implanted
- Hard anodized material
- High quality large ZrO2 ceramic balls (d=10mm)
- Recommended load: max. 10kg (22lbs) each

*** VEM (Vibration Extinction Mechanism)

The unique design of the Nasotec VEM Spike & Shoe Combo causes it to eliminate incoming vibrations immediately without any time delay.

Many other isolation products permit time delays, which cause an unwanted continuous influx of replicated and modified secondary vibrations, which defeat the purpose of vibration control devices.

The result of using the Nasotec VEM Spike & Shoe Combo is a darker background and a more 3-dimensional sound stage, without changing the the color of the tone.

- Diameter 40mm
- Height 30mm

VEM Spike / Spike & Shoe COMBO dimesions

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