Synergistic Research Carbon Fiber Duplex Cover

Synergistic Research

$149.00 USD 

Carbon Fiber Duplex Cover.  Science Makes Silence.

In Synergistic Research's never-ending quest for the lowest possible noise floor, they tackled the duplex cover with their patented UEF Technology, advanced material science, and dampening to build the ultimate duplex cover. Starting with carbon fiber specially woven to eliminate vibration and adding a UEF treatment to dramatically improve the performance of your duplex by shielding EMI and RFI within the duplex cover and then applying a unique closed cell foam for additional vibration control.

The net effect is a lower system noise floor, and this translates into blacker backgrounds with improved microdynamics and increased air and surprisingly, improved overall dynamics in well-balanced systems. Think of the Carbon Fiber Duplex Cover as the Blue Fuse for your AC at the wall, it’s that impressive. 

Fits most duplexes including SR UEF Blue and Black Duplex, and SR TeslaPlex.

Available in a duplex cover version ($149) and a quad cover version ($199).

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