Audio Magic P.E.A (Pulsed Electron Alignment)

Audio Magic

$200.00 USD 

The theory behind the P.E.A.'s (Pulsed Electron Alignment) is to align the way the electrons are spinning. Electrons will either spin up or spin down: this is called "spintronics". When you have billions of electrons spinning every which way this creates mass chaos in and around components, in the air, etc. By aligning the electrons, everything works a lot more efficiently and eliminates noise.

What this means to your listening experience is a more realistic and musical presentation with tighter and more dynamic bass, high's that are delicate and more natural, and midrange to die for. It will take your system to a whole different level. And the beauty is the P.E.A.'s is that they will work for everyone!

Available in 2 different sizes.

The Mini Mite

This unit was designed to go inside of equipment where space is an issue. If you have the room, a standard P.E.A. is 4 times the power - $200.00 ea.

The Standard

This is the work horse, as it has many applications because of it's size (inside of equipment, on top of equipment, on top of speakers, on breaker boxes, on the walls)... use your imagination. Wherever there are electrons it will be a positive effect - $600.00 ea.

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