Audio Magic Masterpiece M-1 Beeswax Fuse

Audio Magic

$240.00 USD $300.00 USD


The Audio Magic Masterpiece M-1 Beeswax fuse has been in development for over a year and finally meets Audio Magic's criteria for sonic excellence and provides a very noticeable improvement over any other fuse Audio Magic has developed in the past. The M-1 is the most labor intensive fuse in their line up by far. The M-1 is now filled with the new Black Diamond fill within the fuse as well as Bees Wax also incorporating Audio Magic's I-core technology and a proprietary coating on the outside of the fuse making this the quietest fuse ever!

What does this mean sonically? Much blacker back ground, wider and deeper sound stage, better detail, better dynamics, smoother, and very musical. The M-1 will without question transform your system in to something magical. Due to the complexity of the fuse lead time can be longer than in the past.

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