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Synergistic Research has been around for many years developing cables through objective measurements, advanced active technologies and proprietary cable geometries. Synergistic Research voice each of their cables through a series of subjective listening tests to select material combinations that will enable each cable design to reproduce music that is as close to live as possible.

Synergistic Research not only develops and makes cables of the highest quality. Besides some great inventions such as Zero Capacitance Active Shielding, Ted Denney - owner and chief designer more recently made some new, really exciting inventions and developments.

Cables are treated with a process called Quantum Tunneling. This is a process that changes the way a cable conducts the signal at the sub atomic level affecting the entire cable assembly- connectors (RCA, XLR, Spade, or Banana), solder joints, dielectric and signal and ground conductors are all transformed and integrated as a single unit. By applying a two million volt extreme high frequency signal to a cable at a specific pulse modulation and frequency for an exact duration of time, Synergistic Research alters the entire cable at molecular level through a phenomenon called Quantum Tunneling. The before and after is startling with a lower noise floor and major improvements in inner detail, air, low frequency extension and overall transparency and signal speed.

Synergistic Research latest development is the UEF Technology - Uniform Energy Field Technology.

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