Synergistic Research Ethernet Switch UEF

Synergistic Research

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Enter Synergistic Research's new Ethernet Switch UEF with UEF and Active EM Cell technology to close the gap between digital playback and state-of-the-art analog tapes and LPs. To accomplish this, SR combined all EM Cell and UEF Tech applications and Galileo level chassis construction into a single component. EM Cell and UEF Tech to condition the digital signal? Check. An EM Cell to act as a built-in Tranquility Base? Check. A chassis milled from a solid billet of aluminum like the Galileo Active Ground Block? Check. Use of Carbon Fiber to eliminate the effects of chassis vibration on the signal? Check.

SR even included a direct connection port so you can star ground your new Ethernet Switch UEF to an SR Ground Block for an even lower noise floor. Subjectively in SR's reference system with an Ethernet Switch UEF we hear a more natural presentation of space and harmonic texture that rivals the best LP and tape playback. We also hear a Jet Black noise floor and dynamics analog rigs cannot match. Perhaps SR has finally achieved "Perfect Sound Forever". The only question is, have they surpassed analog playback? Only you can answer this question with a no-risk money-back guarantee.

Over the years, Synergistic Research developed technologies that redefined what we can expect from our audio systems. Products like the original PowerCell with its patented EM Cell set the bar as the world’s first noncurrent limiting AC power conditioner. We then adapted its EM Cell technology to our Tranquility Base isolation platforms that condition signal while still in a component and power cords with Active EM Cells built-in to function as inline power conditioners. SR even applied EM Cells to bias system ground in the Active Ground Block ground conditioners and to the FEQ and Atmosphere ULF Field Generators that control room acoustics without the need for massive traditional room treatments. SR continued this decade-long adaption of EM Cell technology to condition the digital signal in an Ethernet Switch for perhaps our most transformational product since the original PowerCell line conditioner. It is no secret that digital sound quality has taken monumental strides forward since the days of "Perfect Sound Forever". It’s also no secret that many audiophiles, including SR's Lead Designer, find much to love about the sound of analog playback from LP’s and Tapes. To quote the late great Harry Pearson of the Absolute Sound, "The best way to enjoy digital is to not listen to analog" and in many respects, we agree. A state-of-the-art analog rig still excels in areas of spatial and holographic realism, as well as a harmonic texture that leaves many digital systems sounding somewhat flat and bleached in comparison.

5ft Foundation 12awg power cable included standard

Power cable upgrades:
5ft Atmosphere SX Excite +$1495 (MSRP $2,495)
5ft Atmosphere SX Euphoria +$2295 (MSRP $3,495)
5ft Galileo Discovery +$5500 (MSRP $6,995)
6ft SRX +$8300 (MSRP $10,000)

Bundle your Ethernet switch with an SR Ethernet cable to save money:
1.0m Foundation Ethernet +$299 (MSRP $449.00)
1.0m Atmosphere X Ethernet +$450 (MSRP $650.00)
1.0m Atmosphere X Reference Ethernet +$700 (MSRP $1050)
1.0m Galileo SX Ethernet +$1995 (MSRP $2995)

SR Foundation 12awg Power Cable 5ft. included
SR PURPLE Quantum fuse included
Dimensions - 2.6″h x 10″w x 6″d
Weight - 6.2 lbs.

AVShowrooms Product of the Year 2021 Gold Sound Award. CLICK HERE to check out the video review on YouTube.

AVShowroom Product o the Year Award 2021

Robert Youman of Positive Feedback writes (12/2021):
"...there are products that can be considered just the icing on the cake. This is not that. The Ethernet Switch UEF provides a dramatic step forward for streaming and digital performance. It is an important component and without question a real game changer. Congrats to Synergistic Research for another outstanding design and for the superb product execution..."
CLICK HERE to read the entire review.

Rick Becker of Enjoy the writes (November 2021):
"... we switched [from the EtherREGEN switch] to the Synergistic Research Ethernet Switch UEF. The same song got a lot better. There was more air and a sense of the venue. The sibilants were brought under better (but not complete) control. The musicians were more specifically located, though not pinpointed. The timbre of instruments seemed more correct and there was more tonal color. The soloists became more real, as did the applause. Overall, the music was considerably more enjoyable, as well it should be for the price difference, clearly proving that better Ethernet switches make a significant difference..."
CLICK HERE to check out the entire review

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