Voxativ Ampeggio Interconnect Cables


$2,465.00 USD 

Voxativ Ampeggio RCA cabling is made with the knowledge that fullrange based loudspeakers do have different needs than more-way speakers.   The Voxativ Ampeggio interconnect is composed of many individual solid-core copper and silver wires with 0.4 mm² cross section. These are made of 99% purity oxygen-free material. Finalization is done by a special Cryo treatment. Thereby the cable is cooled down to −190 °C (−310 °F) and then slowly warmed up. In this process the molecular structure is reorganized after soldering. All Voxativ speaker cables are soldered with Mundorf Supreme gold/silver solder.    A new experience in sound, silky smooth mids and highs combined with an extreme bass resolution.     The Voxativ Ampeggio RCA cable is delivered with gold plated solid copper or pure silver WBT plugs. Also available are Voxativ pure copper plugs or gold plated Neutrick XLR plugs.   All Voxativ cables are soldered with Mundorf Supreme gold/silver solder.

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