Synergistic Research RED & BLACK UEF Power Cords

Synergistic Research

$499.00 USD 

UEF RED and BLACK power cords feature the same UEF technology and sonic characteristics as the award winning Red and Black Fuses but on STEROIDS. Think about it. SR fuses are tiny and yet unbelievably powerful given their small size. Now imagine that exact same UEF Technology and materials applied to power cords 5 feet long! These new cords are flexible, affordable, and capable of delivering high current on demand while out performing power cords that cost thousands of dollars.

Synergistic Research UEF RED Power Cords

feature 12 gauge conductors that are treated with a proprietary conditioning process and then Quantum Tunneled with 2,000,000 volts of electricity just like the RED Fuses.

Synergistic Research UEF BLACK Power Cords

feature 12 and 10 gauge conductors that are treated with the same conditioning and Quantum Tunneling process as the RED fuses and feature UEF Shielding and Graphene, just like the new BLACK Fuses.

If you like the amazing sound staging, low noise floor and musical realism of the RED and BLACK fuses you will love these new state-of-the-art power cords that offer performance that exceeds reference power cords costing thousands of dollars. Available with US or Schuko (EU) Plugs.

SR RED AC Cords 5ft - $299 Global MSRP
SR BLACK AC Cords 12 gauge 5ft - $399 Global MSRP
SR BLACK AC Cords 10 gauge (High Current) 5ft - $499 Global MSRP

Available for immediate in-home audition and sold with a no risk 30-day money back guarantee.

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