Synergistic Research PowerCell 8 UEF

Synergistic Research

$2,195.00 USD 

The goal of the Synergistic Research PowerCell 8 UEF was to create a non-current limiting, performance driven, compact power conditioner that outperforms all of the competitor's devices as well as Synergistic's prior flagship product, the PowerCell 10 - and they succeeded. Available in four versions:

  • PowerCell 8 UEF for 100-120V with SR HD Outlets and 5ft. UEF Blue Power Cord - $1995
  • PowerCell 8 UEF for 220-240V with Schuko Outlets and 5ft. UEF Blue Power Cord with Schuko Plug - $2195
  • PowerCell 8 UEF SE for 100-120V with Blue UEF Duplex and 5ft. Atmosphere SX Level 2 Power Cord - $2995
  • PowerCell 8 UEF SE for 220-240V with Schuko Outlets and 5ft. Atmosphere SX Level 2 Power Cord - $3295

To improve the performance of the PowerCell 8 UEF, SR adapted the 6th generation electromagnetic cells, originally designed for the PowerCell 12 UEF, to fit the new compact chassis. These cells incorporate the most advanced EM technology, featuring graphene - a near superconductor at room temperature - and SR's most powerful UEF tech to date. Unlike the previous models, the PowerCell 8’s EM cell is powered by an onboard, Swiss-made power supply, providing musical imagery and holographic 3D realism unlike any other power conditioner, as well as adding dynamic headroom through filtering AC outside of the signal path.

Don’t let the compact design fool you, the PowerCell 8 UEF delivers big in sound stage and micro-detail while fitting discreetly behind your component rack, saving you valuable shelf space. And to bring the highest level of resolution, double down on component-to-component isolation and A/C filtering by combining the PowerCell 8 UEF with Synergistic Research's PowerCell 12 UEF.
When high-powered components - such as Mono Block amplifiers - require instantaneous power, the non-current-limiting PowerCell 8 UEF delivers. Equipped with a 20 amp IEC input receptacle and four high definition Black UEF Duplexes, electricity will flow unimpeded to and from the internal EM cell.  In addition, the high current 12 gauge, silver-plated, multi-stranded wire allows a pristine origin for your audio system's performance.

Rick Becker of Enjoy the concluded (July 2017):
"...the PowerCell 8 UEF SE and Atmosphere Level 2 and 3 power cords revive the goosebumps with my favorite music and let me feel the bass vibrations through the leather of my listening chair. This is  great gear and it's  staying right here!"
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