Synergistic Research PowerCell 12 UEF

Synergistic Research

$6,995.00 USD 

NOW NEW with the BLUE UEF duplex.

The PowerCell 12 UEF directly applies UEF technology to both the PowerCell’s ground plane and as a separate filter inside the PowerCell’s internal Electromagnetic Cell while an Ultra Low Frequency Field -or- ULF Generator re-clocks the (6) EM Cells with a rich low frequency harmonic making 60-cycle noise a thing of the past. Combined UEF Filter technology, and ULF Field Generation make this our most effective and musical PowerCell to date.

Developed exclusively for the PowerCell 12 UEF, the ULF Field Generator directly connects to the PowerCell's (6) EM cells to lower your system’s noise floor by re-clocking AC with a rich low frequency harmonic that overrides noise and hash found in common 60 cycle AC.
The New PowerCell 12 UEF is the culmination of years of research into electromagnetic cell design and represents the apex of AC line filtration with nothing in the signal path and absolutely no current on demand limiting.
The New PowerCell 12 UEF is the first PowerCell to utilize Graphene a near super conductor at room temperature to dramatically increase EM Cell efficiency. Components plugged into the new PowerCell 12 UEF actually draw more current than they do when connected to directly to the wall due to the new EM Cell topology acting like a Super Capacitor to deliver peak current on demand that surpasses available wall current. Test measurements show components connected to the new PowerCell to have a 2db drop in the noise floor and increased dynamic headroom.

The StereoTimes December 2018

Bill Wells writes:
"...essentially, the PC12 performed sonically beyond my expectations and without any sort of operational glitch. In terms of how I would rate this particular product – basically, it’s overall performance improvement capabilities easily make it a no-brainer. In fact, I was stunned to say the least. Throughout this review, I have tried to describe, as best I can, the improved level of musical reproduction through my system with the PC12 in place. Bottom line, I couldn’t help but marvel at how the PC12 so effectively got out of the way and provided such an impressive platform of high quality conditioned AC to my system. As I said..."Power to (and for) the People!" Highly recommended for sure..."

Clement Perry writes:
" short, the SR PowerCell 12 UEF SE is a breakthrough in what one can expect from an AC line conditioner. It moved my system in a direction that I have always admired and desired. How it improves specific areas like quiet, dynamics, bass and high frequency extension is very apparent. But overall, I would say that the SR PowerCell 12 UEF SE provides a level of sonic purity superior to any AC conditioner I’ve heard. With all the tweaks that Ted Denney has on tap, namely that SR Grounding device, I’m certain this is not going to be the last article you’re going to read from me. As it stands, the SR PowerCell 12 UEF SE is the finest AC conditioner to have graced my listening space. I could not recommend this product more highly and easily my 2018 Publisher’s Choice, Most Wanted Component!"

to check out both reviews on The StereoTimes.

Part-Time Audiophile on PowerCell / Grounding Block / Black Duplex (Sep. 2018):
"...the resulting impact of these three products is more than the sum of the parts. By that, I mean that with these devices it’s more of a '1+1+1=5" effect. The noise floor drops significantly, and with that, I feel like I am hearing everything my system was designed to perform... it allows the music to just flow in a more natural manner and for more musical detail, both macrodynamic and micro-dynamic in nature, to be heard.  It elevates whatever electronics and speakers you have..."
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Audio Bacon Finest Cuts Award

Audio Bacon concluded (April 2018):
"...the Synergistic Research PowerCell 12 UEF SE is the quietest and most transparent power conditioner we’ve ever heard. As a consequence, micro/macro details are in full view without losing cohesion, texture, and body. You basically hear more of the music without losing musicality. It provided a new level of clarity, insight, dynamics, and authority while being smooth and euphoric. It is simply an enthralling piece of gear..."
CLICK HERE to read the entire review

PFO Brutus Award 2017

Robert S. Youman of Postive Feedback concluded (06/2017):
"...Synergistic Research has another winner with the PowerCell 12 UEF SE. I was pleasantly surprised if not astonished at the improvement in sound quality over my past benchmark—the excellent PowerCell 10 UEF. Unlike other power conditioners that I have auditioned, the PowerCell 12 UEF SE never feels like it throttles or diminishes the music. Yes, we have superior levels of isolation which results in an impressive reduction in the noise floor, but all the excitement and dynamic contrast of the recording as originally intended is still laid out for all to hear. This one will not be leaving my listening room..."
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Soundstage Reviewer's Choice Award

Howard Kneller of SoundStage concluded (12/2016):
"...the PowerCell 12 UEF SE just might represent the state of the art of power conditioning. It is a testament to the long way Synergistic Research has come since Ted Denney felt that he had yet to discover a power-conditioning technology worth taking further. But in addition to performance, the PowerCell 12 UEF SE offers high value. You won’t find many, if any, competing models that offer 12 outlets, a topnotch power cord, and an AC wall outlet, all for $5995. And while I’m generally not keen on visual gimcracks, that big window in the PowerCell 12 UEF SE’s top plate presents a display that impresses audiophiles and non-audiophiles alike. Does all this mean that the PowerCell 12 UEF SE wins a Reviewers’ Choice award? You betcha..."
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• Input Rating: 32 amp/250v
• US Version: Rating is limited by the US Outlet rating of 20amp/125v
• Euro Version: Rating is predicated upon the Schuko Outlet rating of 16amp/250v  
• Internal power supply for biasing EM Cells - no more MPC's plus higher performance over Galileo MPC's 
• Internal ULF Generator to bias AC to the Earth's Schumann Resonance for a dramatic drop in a system's noise floor 
• 10 awg. Mil Spec Silver Clad Wire (standard on top tier models only)
• 2 each SR Power Transformers
• 8 each SR Quantum Capacitors in EM Cell power supply and ULF field generator
• Metal chassis is more durable and in keeping with the same look as other components in a system 
• New Quantum BLACK Duplex and Shuko outlets dramatically outperform TeslaPlex SE outlets 
• 12 outlets are better than 10 
• New 6 EM Cell topology acts like a 'Super Capacitor' to increase peak current on demand allowing components to draw more current than when connected directly to the wall for added dynamic headroom 
• Top tier models come standard with a special 10-gauge Atmosphere Level 3 Active power cord that does not require a separate MPC, just plug and play like standard non-active power cords- no extra wires!

• Construction: Aluminum/Carbon Steel Dimensions:
• Height 5.5″ x Width 17.5″ x Depth 13.5″
• Weight: 19 lbs.
• Internal Active UEF EM Horizontal Plane Cell area: 640 square centimeters
• 5 x Internal Active UEF EM Folded Carbon Fiber Cell area: 2343.15 square centimeters total
• Connector Input:  1 each Neutrik 32 amp PowerCon
• 2 Isolated Output Banks; can be used to isolate analog from digital components
• Connector Output US: 12 each SR Black Outlets (Two stage Quantum Treatment)
• Connector Output Euro: 12 each SR Black Schuko outlets (Two stage Quantum Treatment)
• 2nd Generation FEQ transmitter/antenna array to bias AC to the Earth's Schumann Resonance
• Pure Silver Ground Strap 62 square centimeters of 99.995% pure silver
• Power Cable: Atmosphere Level 3 optimized for PowerCell 12 UEF (standard on top tier models only)
• 10 awg. Mil Spec Silver Clad Wire (standard on top tier models only)
• 2 each SR Power Transformers 8 each SR Quantum Capacitors

Voltage and current Rating:
• Input Rating: 32 amp/250v
• US Version: Rating is limited by the US Outlet rating of 20amp/125v
• Euro Version: Rating is predicated upon the Schuko Outlet rating of 16amp/250v 

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