Lyric Ti140 Mk. II - Integrated Tube Amplifier

Lyric Audio

$10,690.00 USD 

AUDIO Germany recommandation

"...the Ti140 impresses not only with its innovative components and its flexible possibilities, but also with its new elegant design..." - AUDIO Germany 

Designed and manufactured in Germany by hand, the new Lyric line of integrated amplifiers deliver extraordinary performance in a luxurious and modern aluminum chassis. At the heart of the class AB integrated amplifier are the newly developed output and power transformers with EI-core, which not only guarantee the highest level of performance, but also an even more powerful, more vivid and more complex sound.

Flexibility in tube selection: The Lyric Ti140 can optionally operate with EL34, KT88, KT120 or KT150. The input stage is equipped with a 12AX7, the phase reversal is realized with a 12AU7. A strong 6SN7-double triode serves as a driver for the output tubes. To adjust the bias there is a special measuring circuit, which indicates the optimal operating point depending on the type of tube.

  • For individual sound tuning, the feedback can be adjusted separately in three stages for 4 and 8 ohms.
  • Optional extension of the five high-level inputs to a pre-out for example, for an active subwoofer - possible.
  • Implementation of Buffer Amp possible, which is necessary with long cables or low impedances of the connected devices.
  • Control the volume, input selection and mute function on the remote control.
  • The receiver can learn codes using a RC5 remote control.

Surcharge for options:
Tape Out - US$ 490
Pre Out - US$ 590

Output Power - 2 x 70 Watts (KT-150)
Distortion - 1%
Output Impedance - 4 & 8 Ohms
Signal to Noise Ratio - 92db
Mode - Class AB
Frequency Response - 15 Hz to 45 kHz (-1 dB)
Inputs - 5 Line
Input Impedance - 100kOhm
Input Sensitivity - 450mV
Cabinet - Black or Silver brushed aluminum
Dimensions - 440 x 382 x 223mm (17.4 x 15 x 8.8 inches)
Weight - 33 Kg (72.8 lbs)

Alexander Aschenbrunner, HiFi-Stars (03/2018): 
" amplifiers and high efficient speakers remain a seductive combination. The Lyric Ti 140 Mk II, with its practical and  flexible options, offers the perfect entry into and equally perfect ascent in the magical world of tube sound. When the right speaker is connected - then everything is fine - no, actually I have to say: everything is super good!"
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Wolfgang Kemper, HiFI Statement (02/2016):
"...the Lyric Ti140 has many strengths. The most important is definitely its' enchanting musicality, which it masterfully brings to the listener, even when increasing energy is demanded..."
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AUDIO Germany recommandation

Johannes Maier, (07/2015):
"...the Ti140 impresses not only with its innovative components and its flexible possibilities, but also with its new elegant design..."

"...combining both airy highs and rabid power can rarely be achieved using affordable tube amps. However, the Lyric Ti 140 tackles the impossible and succeeds where others have failed. Plenty of substance, illumination as desired, even to the remote corners of the recording venues: Compared to many other tube amps, the 140 is a triumphal, superior sound architect..."

" even made the highly-acclaimed Ti 100 seem like a choirboy who carries the sweetest tones on a velvet pillow - but, when challenged by a larger listening space, can only slink away. But then, for example, is once again summoned by Vienna Teng. With the Ti 140 the spray of the cymbal splashed up higher, the bass throbbing wilder. But when listeners of "Radio Day" decided for the Ti 140, because of more obvious pots-and-pans percussion, on "St. Stephen's Cross" their hearts were clearly drawn to the single-ended Ti 100. Simply because he hung more on the lips of the artist and therefore even closer to the soul. Based on these observations only one conclusion can be drawn: the music lover really needs both..."
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