Lyric Ti100 Mk.II - Integrated Tube Amplifier

Lyric Audio

$9,290.00 USD 

Lyric Ti100 Awards


Liquid, round sound, paired with highest musicality. The first single-ended Class A amplifier from Lyric, the Ti100 Mk.II is a statement in high fidelity. Designed primarily for speakers with medium to high efficiency the Ti100 Mk.II has enough power and control to operate speakers down to 4 ohms with confidence.

The KT170 from Tung-Sol currently mark the top tube assembly. They have all the positive characteristics of the KT120 and KT150 and add a plus in authority, dynamics and airiness to them. In addition, the new beam-tetrode impresses with its excellent spatial representation.

Its purist circuit design, in combination with a powerful power supply, results in a high stability and an excellent signal to noise ratio. Same as on the Lyric Ti 140 also here the possibility of various power amp tubes use (EL34, KT88, KT120 and KT150). The input stage is equipped for each channel with a fine 6SL7-double triode. The Bias adjustment can easily be carried out by two potentiometers on the integrated meter.

  • For individual sound tuning, the feedback can be adjusted separately in three stages for 4 and 8 ohms.
  • Optional extension of the five high-level inputs to a pre-out for example, for an active subwoofer - possible.
  • Implementation of Buffer Amp possible, which is necessary with long cables or low impedances of the connected devices.
  • Control the volume, input selection and mute function on the remote control.
  • The receiver can learn codes using a RC5 remote control.

Surcharge for options:
Tape Out - US$ 490
Pre Out - US$ 590

    Power - 2x 20W (KT150) / 2x 18W (KT120) / 2x 8W (KT88) / 2x 7W (EL34)
    Distortion - <3%
    Output Impedance - 4 & 8 Ohms
    Signal to Noise Ratio - 95db
    Mode - Single Ended Class A Ultralinear
    Frequency Response - 15 Hz to 30 kHz (-1 dB)
    Inputs - 5 Line
    Input Impedance - 100 kOhm
    Input Sensitivity - 240mV
    Cabinet - Black or Silver brushed aluminum
    Dimensions - 440 x 382 x 223mm (17.4 x 15 x 8.8 inches)
    Weight - 30 Kg (66.2 lbs)

    Josef Bruckmoser of ImageHifi concluded (09/2021):
    "...the Lyric integrated amp is completely problem-free in operation, is manufactured in an exemplary manner and has a convincing look and finish. The absolutely exciting thing about the Ti100 Mk.II is its different soundscapes depending on the power tubes. With the KT150 in the socket, listeners are addressed who do not quite trust the 'real' tube sound, but prefer a straight and taut reproduction - a 'cool' thing with much more emotion than the German word 'kuehl' would express. The KT170 appeals to listeners who indulge in music and want to enjoy a tube amplifier like a textbook example - a 'lyrical' experience that does not compromise on transparency and clarity. The Lyric Ti100 Mk.II can sound exactly as real tube fans expect and develop a lot of power with the KT170. And it can sound so that even sworn transistor friends can easily be tempted to try it with a tube amplifier..."
    CLICK HERE to read the entire review (in German)

    Lyric Audio's Ti100 Mk.II on the front page of the German magazine FIDELITY (Oct. 2018).
    Jochen Reinecke writes:
    "...the jaw drops after a few bars, no matter whether Jimmy Smith's Hammond organ grunts in the low registers, roars and bubbles like lava - or whether the music gnaws aggressively on the drumhead in the solos... no matter whether the drums consist of only one fine ride cymbal pinging or juicy rim shots and massive bass drum booms... How do you describe such a thing? Well, what is delivered here is simply 'alive'. Intoxicating, enthralling, contagiously happy... The room is literally real enough to walk into, the music completely detaches itself from the speakers and stands shimmering and sparkling in the room. And one almost feels the presence of the musicians right there in the listening room. Spooky, but nice! What could the heart desire more?"

    25th Anniversary Award for Best Amplifier at the Guangzhou A/V Show, China Sept.  2018.

    Gold Show Award for Best Sound, Los Angeles Audio Show 2017.
    Terry Eringi wrote:  " much bass coming from the Voxativ Zeth Loudspeakers with the Zeth bass unit.  It’s hard to believe such dynamic sound and holographic layering was being delivered from these small single driver speakers, but such is the signature and the success of Voxativ.  Holger Adler played us an avant-garde drum track that filled the room with a fast, punchy sound.  Electronics are by Lyric, a company new to North America and so worth checking out..." CLICK HERE to check out the video.

    Gold Show Award for Best Sound at the Los Angeles Audio Show 2017

    AUDIO Germany recommendation

    Alexander Aschenbrunner, HiFi-Stars (08/2015):
    "...with the Ti100, Lyric offers an affordable and thus pain-free entry into the world of single-ended amps. Designed and manufactured in Germany, it also has the necessary functional safety. With its liquid, homogeneous sound it's like having many musical friends. Extremely musical, it plays almost passionately with high efficiency (horn) speakers. A little 'playing' with the input tubes was immediately rewarded..."

    Juergen Saile, HiFi Statement (03/2015):
    "...a completely successful single-ended integrated amplifier with the gigantic output of 2x20 Watts for single-ended operation output of 2x20 Watt. If it fits to your speakers, try it..."

    Johannes Maier, AUDIO (03/2015):
    "...I don't need to tell our AUDIO magazine readers that Class A tube amps sound especially good. Especially since the lab has the 'carpet' tools that emphasize the sound impression! Nevertheless, the Ti 100 from Lyric constitutes a novelty! Why? Because it closes the gap in the almost unpopulated Class-A range between beautiful, but too weak on one side and too expensive on the other..."

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