Lyric PS 10 - Tube Phono Amplifier

Lyric Audio

$4,990.00 USD 






Most Wanted Component Award 2017

Whether classical, jazz, rock or pop - the Lyric PS 10 makes the soul of your record heard. Hear details of complex orchestral passages or ripping guitar riffs and percussion.

The tube phono stage PS 10 provides not only a dynamic, finely contoured and balanced sound, but also a high degree of flexibility:

Two inputs A/B (MC/MM or 2x MM), for example, a turntable with two tone arms or two single turntables. Both inputs come with their own 6-step impedance switch to achieve the ideal match of the PS 10 with your pickup cartridge.

Handcrafted in Germany, this stunning phono amplifier impresses not only with its elegant design but reference performance. Ingenious technology, the best components and the complex circuit, without negative feedback, make for superior bass, midrange and life-like soundstage.

The power transformer located in an external housing.
As a result, noise can be reduced to a minimum. The passive RIAA filter is selected with the utmost care.

Input sensitivity MM - 5 mV rms
Output Voltage - 2.70 V rms
SNR MM - 78db
SNR MC - 75db
Gain MM - 51db
Gain MC - 67db
Impedance MM - 50 Ohm / 100pF
Impedance MC (Ohm) - 50/100/250/500/750/1k
Distortion - 0.08%
Mode - Class A
Frequency Response - 20 Hz to 20 kHz according to RIAA, +/- 0.2 dB
Inputs - 1 MM / 1 MC (or 2 MM)
Colour - Black or Silver Brushed Aluminum
Dimensions - W / D / H - 215 x 365 x 103 mm (8.5 x 14.4 x 4.1 inches)
Weight  PS 10 - 6 Kg (13.3 lbs)
Weight PSU - 2.5 Kg (5.6 lbs)
Tubes - 4 x 12AX7, 1 x 12AU7

Dr. Uwe Heckers of the German magazine Fidelity (March 2022):
"...with PS 10 tube phono preamplifier, the German manufacturer Lyric Audio not only offers excellent workmanship and two separate inputs for MM and MC, but also an incredible amount of music for the money. The Lyric Audio PS 10 is thus one of the few affordable, fully MC-compatible tube phono stages that not only offers every cartridge the best conditions, but also far above-average performance at a fair price..."
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Darren Henley of the (January 2021):
"...the PS10 handles macro dynamic with a strong, confident grip while remaining open and uncompressed... Everything I played, from Melvin's 1994 release, Stoner Witch from Nielson's Symphony No.4 was presented with a large, especially deep and solid image. The PS10 strikes a very fine balance between earth and air - what I mean is while the image is large and stable, it doesn't sacrifice gravity or force. Both micro and macro dynamics are excellent..."
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Most Wanted Component Award 2017

Greg Simmons, The StereoTimes (May 2017):

" quality is refined and every component appears to have been assembled with exceptional care from very high quality parts and milled casework. It’s appearance and tactile feel are a pleasure to use and commensurate with its price...the PS 10 also reproduces as much detail as I’m likely to get from either of my cartridges, particularly the Audio Technica OC/9 III. Its bass reproduction is excellent and solid enough that it’s almost un-tube like, yet imaging retains that lovely 3D quality that tubes do so well. I did not hear any sonic faults in my system. Simply, it’s a great sounding phono stage..."

"...the PS 10 is no wallflower, that’s for sure. If any piece of electronic equipment could have a personality the PS-10 would be confident and outgoing, exciting and even vivacious. Some equipment seems to go out of its way not to attract attention to itself. This thing wants to be heard, and in the best way possible! Check it out!"
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Lyric PS10 Tube Phono Amp absolutely first class

Holger Barske, (January 2016):
" honest opinion? The Lyric Audio PS 10 is a wonderful Phono Pre-Amp. The longer I listen to music with it, the more I love its' unstressed, stable, precise style. A huge 'YES'! What's missing? A cleverer grounding terminal. Whoever can live with the existing one gets a wonderful velvety, precise sound image with a huge, deep soundstage..."

Alexander Aschenbrunner, HiFi-Stars (March/May 2016):
"...the tube phono stage PS 10 not only offers a dynamic, finely contoured and balanced sound without any irritation, but also a high degree of flexibility. The device, handcrafted in Germany, not only impresses with its elegant design that blends seamlessly into the new Lyric series. The ingenious technology, the selection of the best components and the complex circuit without negative feedback, enabling listeners to enjoy an excellent sound and music that's very pleasing to the ear. The power transformer is located in an external housing, allowing noise to be reduced to a minimum. The passive RIAA filter has been selected with greatest care..."

 Roland Kraft, Stereoplay (Sept. 2014):
"...the Lyric PS 10 is a 6 kilogramm tube phono stage that boasts many specialties. The finest detailed information is produced. Individual sounds can unfold simultaneously next to each other. With all of these skills, the PS 10 is an equal gamer partner for top MC-systems... Sound: outstanding! Verdict: absolutely top class!"

Most Wanted Component Award 2017

"...the PS-10 will give most users all the phonostage they’re likely to ever need without all of the tweeky controls they’re unlikely to ever use. Its simplified set of features, limited simply to adjustable impedance, might not offer the last iota of control for the most exotic cartridges, but for the vast majority of moving coils it’ll work great. Most importantly it sounds fantastic: detailed, lively and colorful, with deep tight bass and an expansive soundstage. As an added bonus the PS-10 also has a second input for moving magnet cartridges, allowing the user to run two turntables at once; a particularly useful feature for that second monaural table. It’s also built like a tank. The Lyric PS-10 phonostage is easy to use and a pleasure to listen too...”
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