KR Audio VA830 Integrated Amplifier

KR Audio

$9,000.00 USD 

VA830 Integrated Amplifier

Stereo integrated tube amplifier. 40 + 40 Watts RMS

Description push-pull integrated tube amplifier - pure class A, zero feedback
Output Tubes 4x KR 300B
Output Power  2x 40W RMS (THD = 1%)
Bandwidth 20Hz - 20kHz (-1dB)
Output Impedance 4 / 8 Ohm
Preamplifier solid-state with mechanical (reed) relays
Driver Stage MOSFET class A
Input  4x 0.75V RMS / 47 kOhms at 40W
Dimensions - w x h x d 38.5 x 24.5 x 41.5 cm
Weight  Approx. 20 kg


Juergen Saile, (Aug. 2013):
"...the KR Audio VA830 integrated amp delivers a modern sound. With 'modern' I don’t mean all the stuff my daughter fills up her ears with, but rather more in the direction of neutral, uncolored and controlled reproduction. And with the necessary touch of warmth and magic thanks to the 300B tubes..." Check out the entire review


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