TAS Golden Ear Award 2018 for Synergistic's PowerCell 12 UEF & Galileo UEF cables

The Absolute Sound Golden Ear Award 2018Jonathan Valin, The Absolute Sound:
"...how does Galileo UEF sound? Well, when you hear something that is 'real' enough to give you goosebumps it is almost ipso facto obvious that it is getting everything of audible musical importance 'right'—timbres, dynamics, durations, pitches, imaging, soundstaging, etc. And it is delivering all of them with the inimitable immediacy of real music being played live. This sense of every musical element being delivered with lifelike pace and in lifelike proportion is what fools and delights you. And it’s this sense of lifelike pace and proportion that Synergistic Galileo UEF offers up on a more regular basis than almost any other cables I’ve tried. Though UEF isn’t cheap, it is a no-brainer top recommendation, as is the PowerCell 12 UEF SE that you plug your gear into and that has precisely the same neutrality, fidelity, resolution, dynamics, and realism as the cables..."

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