New Review & Award: Holbo Airbearing Turntable gets 10Audio's "Perfect 10 Award"

Holbo Airbearing Turntable System - 10Audio's Perfect 10 Award

We are glad to announce a new review for the Holbo Airbearing Turntable System. We're especially happy that this turntable extraordinaire received its 3rd Award since June 2019.

After SixMoons Blue Moon and the Japanese Audio Excellence Award it now was awarded with 10Audio's "Perfect 10 Award".
Jerry Seigel of writes:
"...the real strength of the Holbo Turntable System is the compelling feeling of continuity and flow in the very linear and complete harmonic content of every voice and musical note. It just sounds whole with extremely high resolution right down to silence, and leading-edge clarity that defines each note as a distinct entity. There is no bass, midrange, treble in the usual, analytical sense. The entire musical spectrum is one continuous, highly transparent river of performance, drawing the listener in..."

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