New arrival: Synergistic Research MiG SX Footers (Mechanical Interface Grounding)

Synergistic Research MiG SX (Mecanical Interface Grounding)

MiG SX footers are an evolution of SR's original MiG footers developed in 2008. SR starts with a new specially tuned MiG resonator, forged from high carbon steel and adds a precision-machined Aircraft Aluminum and Carbon Fibre three-piece chassis engineered to distribute vibration through a special tuning disc and a UEF tuning element into Carbon Tungsten ball bearings.

With MiG SX in your system, you experience a more massive and dense sound field, improved imaging, better layering of images, deeper and tighter bass, more extended high frequencies, and better mid-range clarity. Global MSRP is $999 for a set of 3 MiG SX.

CLICK HERE for more information or to place your order.
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