New arrival: Aurorasound VIDA Mk.II LCR type phono stage

Aurorasound VIDA Mk.II

After 10 years on the market Karaki-san released a new, improved version of his outstanding, highly praised phono stage - the Aurorasound VIDA Mk.II.

Among the many improvements: the L/R channel separation is now +6dB better, THD+N factor dropped from 0.028% to 0.012%, new amp modules (developed for the VIDA Supreme), inputs for 2 MC or 2 MM cartridges at the same time (or 1 each) and the US version now comes standard with a 6 position impedance selector switch for MC on the backside of the VIDA Mk.II.

The price of $4,990 stays the same until the end of the year. CLICK HERE for more info or to place your order.
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