Lyric Audio PS 10 phono stage received a Most Wanted Component Award 2017

Most Wanted Component Award 2017 for Lyric Audio PS-10 phono stage
Greg Simmons of The StereoTimes:

"...the PS-10 will give most users all the phonostage they’re likely to ever need without all of the tweeky controls they’re unlikely to ever use. Its simplified set of features, limited simply to adjustable impedance, might not offer the last iota of control for the most exotic cartridges, but for the vast majority of moving coils it’ll work great. Most importantly it sounds fantastic: detailed, lively and colorful, with deep tight bass and an expansive soundstage. As an added bonus the PS-10 also has a second input for moving magnet cartridges, allowing the user to run two turntables at once; a particularly useful feature for that second monaural table. It’s also built like a tank. The Lyric PS-10 phonostage is easy to use and a pleasure to listen too..."

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