StereoTimes' Most Wanted Component Award 2015 - High Fidelity Cables Magnetic Adapters

StereoTimes Most Wanted Component 2015 Award

And finally... Award 8 and 9 goes to...

Norm Luttbeg, The StereoTimes, wrote:
"...just yesterday I tried the Magnetic RCA Adapters and can definitely hear the benefits in bass definition, no glare on brass instruments, and a well defined sound stage. I am hearing much greater depth in live recordings. In generally I’m getting even more of what you hear with HFC cables with the addition of more magnets..."

"...the MC 0.5 Magnetic Wave Guide is yet another of HFC devices to clarify the signal path. It is meant to plug into the wall outlet... once again HFC has another quite worthy product. Again the gain is more open, cleaner, more dynamic, and real sounding music. The sound stage just becomes quite well defined. And the bass has great definition..."
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