StereoTimes' Most Wanted Component Award 2015 - Synergistic Research Atmosphere Level 4 cables

StereoTimes Most Wanted Component 2015 Award


Award No.7 goes to...

Mike Girardi, The StereoTimes, wrote:
"...the SR Atmosphere Level 4 speaker cable and interconnects are uncanny at unlocking previously hidden details, dynamic gradations, and harmonic nuances present in the original recording but not as appreciated with my previous reference speaker cables that retailed over 3 times the cost.  In treble octaves where the music is most expressive and where most wires fall short of the mark, the SR Atmosphere Level 4 speaker cables and interconnects exhibited flawless expression in the sibilance range.  Overall the SR Atmosphere Level 4 speaker cables sound like I parked my integrated tube amplifier right next to my AZ Crescendo loudspeakers.  Components worthy of the designation, the state of the art and sets the bar much higher in terms of performance vs. cost..."
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