StereoTimes' Most Wanted Component Award 2015 - Langerton Configuration Holograf loudspeakers



Langerton Configuration Holograf - Most Wanted Component 2015


9 of our regular products received a StereoTimes Most Wanted Component 2015 Award. Award No.1 goes to...

Greg Voth, The StereoTimes, concluded:
"...the Langerton Configuration Holograf is a great speaker worthy of audition by anyone with a moderate space looking for a smaller profile speaker… or just those mildly curious. They played very well in our good-sized loft with a 13 foot ceiling - that’s not an easy feat. My wife agrees that the Holograf is perhaps the one speaker she would select to replace the ET’s for a smaller speaker in our loft… even at the $6k price point. When you give the phase-corrected Configuration Holografs some personal time, you’ll appreciate each persons’ involvement in bringing these small miracles to market. Highly recommended..."
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