New review and Recomendation for the new HANA moving coil cartridges

Hana Moving Coil Cartridge SL & SH Hifi Pig Recommended
Ian Ringstead, Hifi Pig Magazine, Jan. 2016, reviewing Hana SH & SL concluded:

"...I really liked these cartridges as they were fuss free and just got on with their job of producing great music. The low output for me was better but this doesn’t mean the high output was poor or wouldn’t be preferred by some listeners. If you only have a moving magnet input on your amp or pre amp then the high output version is a no brainer. £447 is not cheap, but for a good quality moving coil it is very good value and is the lower end of a popular choice of cartridge type for audiophiles into their vinyl. Full marks to Hana, who obviously know what they are doing, for putting their name to a range of excellent value for money cartridges for the less 'well to do' vinyl fanatic. Both cartridges work well in both budget and higher-end turntable/ arm combinations and are well worth seeking out..." CLICK HERE to check it out

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