Langerton's Configuration 217 speakers mentioned in the latest The Absolute Sound

Langerton Configuration 217

The Absolute Sound Oct.2015, Robert E. Greene wrote (THE Show Newport 2015): "While I was working on speakers at moderate prices ($20k), or what passes for moderate today, I looked into a few of the pricier items just out of interest. I was struck by the piano sound from the Langerton Configuration 217. This speaker allows adjustment of the positional relationship between the mid/bass driver and the tweeter to get phase/time exactly right for a given listening position. Whatever for this reason or not, this speaker sounded remarkably like a real piano: at a price of - around $31k for a pair..."

Mr. Greene obviously got the price wrong - $15,450 is not for one speaker only, but for the pair C217!!  CLICK HERE for more info.

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