Announcing a new line of products - SHUN MOOK ! We're now authorized dealer.

Shun Mook AcousticShun Mook has been around since many years crafting audio tuning devices made of African Mpingo Ebony wood. For the last years Shun Mook Acoustics Inc. has introduced a new concept and a new approach to usage of material in the control of acoustic resonance in High Fidelity. There is no real magic about Shun Mook's products. They are all based on simple high school physics - "Sympathetic Resonance".

We are very glad that we have now access to these remarkable tuning devices and can offer it to our customers. Several products are limited in the number of production (like Record Clamp, MC Cartridge, Giant Diamond Resonators). Most products are already in stock, the rest will follow in the next weeks. CLICK HERE to check it out.

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