Synergistic Research Tranquility Rack

Synergistic Research

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The world's highest performance audio rack
The Tranquility Rack is a perfectly orchestrated dance of materials, electromagnetic grounding and mechanical isolation to transfer unwanted mechanical resonance and EM distortion to ground. Materials were selected for their ability to break up mechanical resonance without over dampening while at the same time having the ideal conductive nature to create a uniform EM environment to drain RF noise when grounded to earth, as well as the ideal amplifier of the Earth’s Schumann resonance as generated by the Galileo Active Ground Block.

Activate Your Rack
To create the perfect EM environment for your components, Tranquility Pods, and Tranquility Bases the Tranquility Rack can be grounded to a Galileo SX Active Ground Block for a significant drop in your system’s noise floor with a dramatic increase in soundstage scale.

Hook Your System Up
Mechanical coupling of airborne vibrations to ground is accomplished through an engineered adjustable resonator suspension based on MiG SX technology to drain vibrational noise away from your components and this eliminates smearing in the sound field while solidifying low frequencies as it extends high frequencies without fatigue or loss of detail.

The Perfect Balance
Each carbon fiber shelf was formed in an autoclave like those used to fabricate aero kits for Formula One race cars and this gives you a transparent and harmonically uniform sound. Unlike wood, granite, plexiglass and other materials that react to vibrations in a way that amplifies specific frequencies while dampening others in a nonlinear fashion, vacuum-formed carbon fiber has a balanced response to mechanical vibration that sounds perfectly neutral and lightning fast. Next, cross bracing is handled with carbon fiber for the most balanced sound with structural stability. Finally, mass loading is executed with a proprietary matrix of dissimilar materials comprised of a conductive aggregate, including UEF Tech selected during extensive double-blind testing. It’s incredible how this final touch allowed SR to voice in musicality with the unique ability to amplify the effects of the Galileo Active Ground Block, thanks to socks weaved from a conductive material for electrical continuity.

Limited to 24 units worldwide.

The Tranquility Rack ships in a crate on a pallet.

Dimensions: Overall 39.5″h x 31.25″w x 22.3″d (4 shelves)
Weight:        approx. 180 lbs
Tranquility Bases are not included with the Tranquility Rack.

Shipping dimensions (wooden crate): 48.5"h x 35.5"w x 26.5"d
Weight: 260 lbs


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