Nasotec VEM X Record Clamp


$450.00 USD 

Now available in red and black.

The Nasotec VEM Record Clamp effectively dampens harmful vibrations caused by airborne sound pressure and motor and makes the playback more balanced and detailed.

- Embedded Nasotec's VEM (Vibration Extinction Mechanism)
- Designed to absorb and remove unwanted vibrations that are associated with the vinyl record reproduction
- Separated dual vinyl pressing
- Dimension: Base plate d=80mm, Height 62mm
- Center hole depth: 23mm
- Weight: 470 grams

Nasotec VEM X Record Clamp

di Giuseppe Trotto of wrote:
"...I really enjoyed the Nasotec clamp. It showed in the field that all the turntables, even those of the highest level, have very wide margins for improvement. I was extremely comforted to note that, if it is true that there are many companies, Nasotec is at the forefront, investing resources in research and projects of this kind, the analog is alive, healthy and solid..."
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