Nasotec Swing Headshell 203A1


$360.00 USD 

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Hi-Fi Choice Recommended AwardAs with most conventional tonearm & headshell combinations, the best we can hope for is to perfectly align the null points according to the alignment gauge we are using.  So at this point our cartridge is tracking perfectly with the grooves but the rest of the record playing area is basically a compromise getting close as possible. The Nasotec Swing Headshell correct this problem by gently moving with the grooves, creating perfect alignment.

The Nasotec Swing Headshell 203A1 is constantly correcting errors during the record is playing. Now responding to the off-centered groove. Only the Nasotec Swing headshell can do this.

Janine Elliot of Hifi Pig wrote:
"...this is a very unique and clever product. GBP304.99 might seem a lot for to pay for a headshell, however. if your arm can fit and your cartridge warrants the expenditure, then this could be a good investment. When I was young and played my Trio KD1033 turntable I longed for the day I could have a tangential B&O turntable. If the Swing had been around in the 70's I perhaps wouldn't have needed to worry..." CLICK HERE to read the entire review

Hifi Pig Highly Recommended Award

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