Integrityhifi Tru-Lift Automatic Tonearm Lift


$395.00 USD 

The Tru-Lift is without a doubt one of the world's best automatic tonearm lifter. It's hand-made and -assembled in London, Ontario, Canada. Only the best materials such as solid brass and stainless steel are used to ensure that the Tru-Lift will last a lifetime.

 Simple and time-tested design. Simply place it near the root of your tonearm so the arm nudges the vertical sensor rod. It will gently lift your tonearm with its oil damped piston.

No more fear of falling asleep with the record playing or leaving the room unexpectedly or just sitting back enjoying the music knowing you don’t have to rush to your turntable at the end of play.

Tru-Lift is truly your needle’s best friend.  Tru-Lift comes in Solid brass and stainless steel.  Tru-Lift Deluxe package includes Tru-Lift Model #1 with 3 additional step-up outer housing sleeves.  Simply swap the lift mechanism into any of the outer sleeves for height ranges from 1 ¼” to 2 ¾”. It comes with factory set trip activation, but there is an adjustment screw to fine-tune its' sensitivity.

Why Tru-Lift?:

  • no jerking or abrupt arm movement - the smoothest automatic tonearm lifter in the world.
  • beautiful design that looks great on any turntable
  • unsurpassed quality and premium materials.
  • super-sensitive switch with heavy structure means no need for 2-way tape like light plastic lifts
  • fully adjustable
  • saves your needle.
  • helps reduce your stress by allowing relaxed listening enjoyment without worrying about being there to catch the end of the record
  • guaranteed for life (some restrictions apply)
  • best value - most economical solution available
  • strongest lift in the world. lifts more than any other lift
  • allows for safe high-volume listening without fear of needle skipping damaging your speakers
  • allows safe tonearm lifting even with shaky hands

This Deluxe Plus package includes:

  • the Tru-Lift Automatic Tonearm Lift Lifter with 3 interchangeable sleeves for more flexibility in height.

Deluxe Plus Package: Adjustable height - 1 1/4" to 2 3/4"

Single Tonearm Lift Model #1: Height 1 1/4" to 1 5/8"
Single Tonearm Lift Model #2: Height 1 5/8" to 2"
Single Tonearm Lift Model #3: Height 2" to 2 3/8"
Single Tonearm Lift Model #3 + Base: Height 2 3/8" to 2 3/4"
Single Tonearm Lift Model #4: Height 2 3/8" to 2 3/4"
Single Tonearm Lift for Technics 1200: Height 1 1/4" 

    Model #1:
                     REGA P1 to P6
                     PROJECT CARBON DEBUT
                     LINN SONDEK
                     MUSIC HALL 7.3 SERIES
                     THORENS TD 160 SERIES
                     ORACLE PARIS
                     EMT 927
                     GOLD NOTE B5.1
                     GOLD NOTE PIANOSA
                     BRINKMANN SPYDER
                     VPI AVENGER (LOW VTA)
                     NAD (ALL ENTRY MODELS)
                     VERTERE SG-1
    Model #2:                    THALES
                     New McIntosh MT2
                     EAT C-MAJOR
                     CLEARAUDIO CONCEPT
                     CLEARAUDIO INNOVATION
                     PROJECT CLASSIC SERIES
                     VPI CLIFFWOOD
                     VPI PLAYEER
                     VPI SCOUT JUNIOR
                     VPI AVENGER (HIGH VTA)
                     VPI TRAVELER
                     VPI TNT
                     GOLD NOTE GIGLIO
                     BASIS SIGNATURE SERIES
                     ACOUSTIC SOLID ON ARM POD
    Model #3:                   VPI PRIME SCOUT
                     VPI SCOUT SERIES
                     VPI HRX
                     KRONOS SPARTA
    Model #3+Base:
                     VPI PRIME
                     VPI PRIME SIGNATURE
                     VPI ROSEWOOD
                     VPI HRX
                     VPI PRIME SCOUT with Super Platter & Classic without armboard
    Model #4:                   VPI PRIME SERIES
                     VPI PRIME SIGNATURE
                     VPI CLASSIC SERIES
                     VPI ARIES

    Single Tonearm Lift for Technics 1200

    Gary Lea of Positive Feedback wrote (May 2020):
    "...what is really a significant testament to the quality is that silky smooth and slow lift. Most other items I have seen are made primarily of plastic, and the lift is often times sudden and jerky. Not even close with the Tru-Lift. This is the result of The Tru-Lift being crafted to incredibly tight tolerances, and the quality of the materials. Jewelry for the eyes and the durability is amazing. You should never have to replace any of the Tru items we are discussing here..." CLICK HERE to check out the entire review

    "...oh Sh*t! I've done it again!" I woke up sitting on the sofa in my listening room. I checked the time, and it was 5:45 am. My turntable had been spinning all night, and the stylus had been going thud, thud, thud for the past 4 hours. It (the Tru-Lift) is semi-automatic, so to use it, you basically press the "thingy" down with your finger (not feet), and then play the record as you normally would. At the precise intense moment when a repeat of the aforementioned disaster is about to happen once again, the arm-wand will trigger the feather light metal rod which will in turn release the automatic mechanism, where the fluid dampened hydraulic lifter will automatically go up in a calm, gradual, slow, but elegant manner, rescuing your very precious and expensive cartridge. Michael the Archangel in heaven will sing Hallelujah!" - Richard H. Mak of
    Read the complete review here.

    "...who wants their expensive cartridge shaving the label of an LP if you inadvertently fall asleep while listening? I marveled at the Tru-Lift Tonearm Lifter at the Montreal show. I give it two thumbs up! Recommended!"
    by Enjoy the's Rick Becker here.

    "...overall I'm fond of the Tru-lift. It's a simple, elegant solution that does exactly what it is supposed to do and is easy to use. it definitely satisfies a need for avid vinyl listeners. Highly recommended."
    HiGHFLYiN9 @ Zynsonix of DIY Audio Blog

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