Integrityhifi Tru-Kleen Deluxe Stylus Cleaner


$149.00 USD 

The Tru-Kleen Deluxe rotation stylus cleaner is a simpler way to clean your stylus and a must-have product for vinyl aficionado. The Tru-Kleen keeps your stylus as clean as whistle and is extremely easy to use.

Available in three sizes - small, medium and large.

    3 Sizes available.

    Small - 1 3/16" (fixed height)
    Medium 1 1/2" (fixed height)
    Large 1 7/8" to 2 1/4" (adjustable height)

    These are rotating deluxe stylus cleaners. All have SOLID round bases. 

    Michael Corsentino of Positive Feedback writes (Jan. 2020):
    "...Tru-Kleen does an excellent job removing stylus dust and grime, it looks great doing it, and Blu-Tack presents zero risk to your stylus. If it's good enough for Peter Ledermann, it's good enough for me... Tru-Kleen joins Integrity HIFI's family of products along with Tru-Lift and Tru-Sweep for a Tru-Fecta of the best in class and best looking turntable accessories on the market. Collect them all!" CLICK HERE to read the entire review

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