Aurorasound VIDA Prima Phono Stage


$1,290.00 USD 

Aurorasound VIDA Prima Vinyl Disk Amplifier

Karaki-san's latest VIDA Prima is the new entry model in the VIDA phono stage amplifier family. This is a simple and easy to use but uncompromised design in this price range for all vinyl enthusiast. A combined NF-type and CR-type in one RIAA compensation circuit in order to reproduce sensitive and massive sound with good SNR and THD+N factors.

Incorporating selected state-of-art parts like Linear Technology and Texas Instruments semiconductors, WIMA Germany film capacitors, Japanese made resistors and more. The integrated power supply unit makes use of an oversized  toroidal power transformer and schotoky barrier diode. All these high quality parts plus handmade-in-Japan craftsmanship guarantee joy of your analog audio experience.

The very useful large mute switch, the trademark of all VIDA phono amps, makes your audio life easier.

Aurorasound VIDA Prima Awards
      Twittering Machines HiFi Bargain and Favorite Gear 2023 Awards

Twittering Machines Favorite Gear 2023 Award

Winner of Twittering Machines Favorite Gear 2023 Award - Michael Lavorgna writes (Dec. 2023): "...the VIDA Prima Phono Stage is not only a genuine HiFi Bargain, it’s also a lovely thing to look at that happens to know how to amplify the delicate signal lifted from our precious records in a manner that feels. . .complete: “Every piece of hifi gear performs its own kind of balancing act. Price, performance, design, and look & feel all play an important part in any purchase decision I make and the Aurorasound VIDA Prima Phono Stage hit that balancing act on the head..."
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Twittering Machines HiFi Bargain Award

Michael Lavorgna of Twittering Machines wrote (August 2023):
"...if you read my review of the VIDA Prima, you know I really (really) enjoyed my time with the wood-clad wonder from Yokohama, Japan. From a pure live with and love it perspective, the VIDA Prima has what it takes to make my day every day. And if you own (and love) the HiFi Bargain Denon 103 MC Cartrdige, you’ll be thrilled to know the Aurorasound loves it too. Price, performance, design, and look & feel for $1290 makes the Aurorasound VIDA Prima Phono Stage a true HiFi Bargain..."
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Michael Lavorgna - TM Phono Stage Survey: The Big Roundup (April 2023)
"...I enjoyed the VIDA Prima with the Ortofon 2M Black, finding it “rich, detailed and—of greatest importance—well balanced”. Coupled with its retro-inspired looks, I could easily make it mine for the longer haul. When paired with the Denon 103, I fell even more deeply, as this couple made music sound even richer—as bold as love. While the 103 is not as detailed as the Ortofon, it injects a jolt of sonic energy into any music you ask it to play. Super addictive. If I list all of the VIDA Prima’s pluses, they make its $1290 asking price sound like a bargain..." 
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Michael Lavorgna of Twittering Machines writes (March 2023):
"...I listened to lots of records through the VIDA Prima and as the review period was coming to an end I made sure to hit a bunch of highlights for purely selfish reasons, namely pleasure. Paired with the Michell/Ortofon/Leben/DeVore system, the VIDA Prima lit up the Barn with sounds as sweet as honey all rich, detailed and—of greatest importance—well balanced that puts all of one’s attention front and center on the performance unfolding right there in front of you. From small and intimate to large and boisterous, the VIDA Prima did music proud..."
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Jerry Seigel of concluded (September 2019):
"...the VIDA Prima sets a very high bar for sonic performance and is an exceptional value at $1,200. This is a very truthful and enjoyable phono preamplifier. The VIDA Prima is an example of the best that phono preamps offer, adjusted perfectly for price. Especially if your moving coil cartridge performs well with a 47k Ohm load, the VIDA Prima could possibly let you delete the word 'upgrade' from your thoughts..."
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Nick Tate of HiFi-News writes (May 2019):
"...most 'affordable' phono stages are decent enough sounding, even if they don't really dig deep into what's at the bottom of the record groove. The VIDA Prima does better, however, with a particularly smooth tone and an open and detailed nature that's a serious step up from a budget design. Typically, it delivers wide soundstages that are well proportioned front-to-back and, alongside its jaunty rhythmic gait, allows the music to come alive..."
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Darren Henley of THENEWOLD.CO wrote (January 2019):
"...overall, this is a mid-centric sound. What I mean is that voices and instruments are in focus, and while the nuance and harmonic complexities come through, they aren't enhanced by forward leaning treble. I prefer more tonal weight, color, mass and speed to a leaner sound. Again, this system balances that with excellent resolution and speed. The illusion of three dimensional space is captivating.  I tend to do my private listening with the Audioquest Nighthawks, Nightowl, or the Audeze LCD-XC 'phones. I've had some spooky real moments listening to vinyl with this system. I know this phono preamp is Aurorasound's entry level unit, but there's nothing 'budget' about the sound..."
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Input:   One pair RCA unbalanced with ground
Cartridge load impedance select switch:
MM (47kOhm), MC High (10-100Ohm), MC Low (0.6-10Ohm)
Output:   Line Level, unbalanced RCA
Output Impedance: 47Ohm
RIAA Deviation: 20Hz – 20kHz +/- 1dB
THD+N:    MC 0.01%, MM 0.009%
Input Noise: MC -134dBV, MM -134dBV
Gain: MC-High/64dB, MC-Low/40dB, MM/40dB
Dimension (WxDxH):

250mm x 246mm x 69mm 2.3kg
(9.9 x 9.7 x 2.7 inches, 5lbs.)

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