Aurorasound VIDA Supreme Phono Stage


$12,790.00 USD 

Most Wanted Component Award of the Decade

Shinobu Karaki-san's new Masterpiece - Aurorasound VIDA Supreme 

State of the art semiconductor design (LCR-type network), innovative technology and  modular design combined with old-world craftmanship makes this phono amplifier outstanding in many respects, substantially surpassing the original and highly-decorated VIDA.

Key features:

  • LCR type Phono Stage Amplifier
  • Good resolution and low distortion in low frequency range,  rich and massive middle, stable and delicate High.
  • Useful functions for modern analog audio play back.
  • Large size MUTE switch, Gain select, Stereo./Mono, Subsonic filter, Cartridge Degauss.
  • Complete L/R independent design and construction for very good channel separation and 3D sound stage.
  • Plug-In modules for matching with various kind of cartridges.
    [Standard Equipped]: MM and MC  low impedance under 14ohm, RCA and XLR balanced input
    [Option] : Two slots
  • Developed new amplifier module using made in Japan discrete transistors and FETs.
  • High gain, low distortion, low noise,  high drivability
  • Special customized RIAA filter choke transformer , Lundahl (same with VIDA)
  • Made in Japan audio grade oxide film registers, 1% error rate.
  • Made in Japan audio grade Electrolytic capacitors, very stable and long life.
  • High quality Polypropylene film capacitors, made in Germany.
  • Use made in Japan high reliability relay switch for all signal path switching.
  • Shaving solid RCA jacks with rhodium plating. Neutrik XLR connectors.
  • Very ridged and heavy , all solid aluminum chassis to firmly supporting circuit boards.
  • Carbone compositional foot insulators.
  • External Power Supply Unit for eliminating noise influence of power transformer.
  • Large size,  large capacity Medical grade Troidal Transformer,  L/R independent.
  • New design power cable, Coaxial inverse winding OFC, Better sound resolution and clarity.
Input MM, Gain 40dB, Load Impedance select 47kΩ/14kΩ 100pF/0/330pF
MC, Gain 62.5dB, For cartridge Impedance under 14Ω
Plug-In option 2 slots
Output Line level signal, RCA un-balance and XLR Balance (1/GND, 2/Hot, 3/Cold)
Output Impedance RCA 47Ω,XLR Balance 47Ω
RIAA deviation 10Hz -20kHz +/- 0.25dB
Input Noise MC 144dBV, MM 126dBV
THD+N MC 0.008%,  MM 0.008%
Functions Gain select +8db at High position
Subsonic Filter -12dB/oct. 20Hz
Cartridge Degauss, Passive type
Stereo/Monaural mixing L/R signals and canceling vertical vibration..
MUTE Useful muting at cartridge up/down
Auto-Muting, In the case of big hot plug noise or external shock noise, Automatic
muting will enable in order to protect Speakers and Amplifiers.
Size Main unit W420 x D350 xH106mm
PSU W270 xD154 xH85mm
Weight Main unit 9.2kg
PSU 3.2kg
Power consumption AC120V for USA, AV220V~ AC240V Asia and Europe, 50/60Hz 60W
PSU cable 95cm x2 units


10Audio's Perfect 10 Award Jerry Seigel of writes (September 2022):
"...the Supreme’s sound is explosively dynamic, fully satisfying both large scale macro- and smaller micro-dynamics. The external power supply is expertly designed to supply any power demands made by the music. The heavy construction, high quality parts, input flexibility, and overall quality of sound all contribute to this reference-grade preamplifier’s sound... Critical listening is quite a challenge due to the engrossing sound, making it difficult to concentrate on individual aspects of the performance. Before requesting an audition, please know that an in-home audition could well be the beginning of a long-term presence in your audio system. The set-and-forget ease of setup and faultless operation will result in long term musical satisfaction and listening pleasure..." CLICK HERE to read the entire review

Key Kim of The StereoTimes concluded (May 2020): " with the Aurorasound VIDA Supreme phono preamplifier has been exhilarating; it's a superb phono preamplifier that can easily compete with products at twice the price. The Supreme has an uncanny ability to put me in my listening chair for hours and hours at a time. It didn't matter what genres Jazz, vocals, or classical music. All were rewarding. This is a beautiful piece of equipment, impeccably engineered, and exceptionally satisfying. The Aurorasound Vida Supreme phono preamplifier is my 'Most Wanted Component Of The Decade' award winner. Highly recommended!"
CLICK HERE to read the entire review.

Key Kim of The StereoTimes writes (Jan. 2020):
"...the Aurorasound VIDA Supreme sounds absolutely marvelous in my system driving the Audio Union Dohmann Helix 1 turntable. The VIDA Supreme’s portrayal of individual images is exceptional, revealing layers of small details and nuances that are impressively transparent. The state-of-the-art LCR-type network phono amplifier, with innovative technology and a modular design, combined with old world craftsmanship, makes the VIDA Supreme outstanding in many respects, substantially surpassing the excellent sounding, highly acclaimed VIDA Phono Stage..."

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