Aurorasound AFE-12 MC Step-Up Transformer


$698.00 USD 

Aurorasound AFE-12 Step Up Transformer for MC Cartridges

Introducing a SUT (Step-up Transformer) is the most elegant method both sonically and electrically to use a low-output MC cartridge with a MM Phono input.


  • Lundahl MC transformer - Transparent sound without coloration, unaltered cartridge characteristics
  • Selectable cartridge loading for different cartridges, 3 positions
     - Low 0.7 - 10 Ohms
     - Mid 11 - 30 Ohms
     - High 31 - 100 Ohms
  • Small, robust case, gold-plated connectors
  • Pure cotton stuffing used for damping and reduction of vibrations 


  • Input: RCA - connect the cables from the player that equipes MC
  • Output: RCA - goes to MM input of phono stage amplifer
  • Cartridge Impedance select: 3 positions High / Mid / Low 
  • Gain: 26db at low position 
  • Frequency response: 20Hz - 50kHz, -3dB
  • Size: W70 x D30 x H95mm, 244g

 Lundahl Transformers of Sweden is a manufacturer specialized in production of transformers for professional audio & tube amplifiers.

Their products are characterized by:

  1. Do not use of conventional bobbins
  2. Unique uncut amorphous cobalt core
  3. Dual coil construction for increased immunity to magnetic hum
  4. Put in a case and do not harden with resin
  5. All manufacturing machines are developed in-house

 Lundahl special winding technique, which does not use conventional bobbins, avoids the problem of barrel-shaped or anti-barrel-shaped windings when many layers copper wire in bobbins. With stick winding insulated sheets are wrapped directly between each layer of copper wire, so that the windings always lay out cleanly even if there are many layers. This allows more copper wires to be wound in a smaller volume and results in a superior frequency characteristic. The dual-coil structure has the advantage that two coils of the same configuration cancel external magnetic noise, and the magnetic flux produced by the coil itself does not affect the outside. The AFE-12 uses MC SUT in which an amorphous strip is wound directly through the coils in many layers on a special machine made by Lundahl, to form an uncut core. A s a result, the transformer has efficient sound energy conversion in micro level signals and excellent frequency characteristics.

 Shinobu Karaki (Aurorasound) and Per Lundahl (Lundahl Transformers)

Shinobu Karaki and Per Lundahl


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