Synergistic Research Lending Library FAQ

What is The Synergistic Research Lending Library?

The Library is a way for people like yourself to borrow Synergistic Research items and to try them out in your own home, with your own system. You may be aware of other Lending Libraries, so you know we're not the first. However, highend-electronics' Lending Library is the first to be FREE of charge.

Why did you create the SR Lending Library?

We here at highend-electronics are constantly searching for ways to serve our customers better. We believe that giving audiophiles the possibility to listen to cables and other products in their own home system and environment is one of the ways that we can help the most.

Who can borrow from the SR Lending Library?

Our customers in the U.S.A. are welcome to use the Lending Library. Due to various reasons we're not able to lend items to our customers outside the U.S. However, we are very happy to use our knowledge and expertise to aid our international friends in making their decisions.

How do I benefit from the SR Lending Library?

In addition to your own listening experiences, you will also benefit from feedback from other Library users. Your circle of audiophile friends is broadened to include other audiophiles that you otherwise would never be able to find out their experiences and opinions. Thanks to the feedback we receive, we also constantly add to our knowledge and experience to help us tell you which components have been found to work best together, and help you to decide which products to borrow.

What products are available in the SR Lending Library?

Our SR Lending Library contains the main Synergistic Research cables as well as other selected SR products including power conditioners, item2, item3 and more. All together there are more than $$$$$$ worth of products in our Library.

What cables are available in the SR Lending Library?

Our Lending Library provides standard lengths of 1-1.5 meters (3-5ft) for interconnects, 2.5-3 meters (8-10ft) for speaker cables, 1 meter (3ft) for digital links, and 1.5-2 meters (5-6ft) for power cords. ?????

What forms of payment are accepted for the deposit?

Although Credit Card, Paypal, Check, or Money Order may be used to purchase products, deposits for the Lending Library can only be secured is by credit card.

What about shipping?

Having the item(s) shipped to you is free, the same as all highend-electronics regular purchases. You only have to pay for the shipping if you return the item.

When do I need to return my borrowed item(s) to you?

The standard loan period is 2 weeks, after which the borrower either decides to purchase the item(s) or sends them back, in the original condition and packing. A note will be included with the shipment of borrowed item(s) stating the due date. The customer should contact us at least 2 days before this due date.

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