Demos and Used Equipment and cables

Mark Levinson No.431 stereo amp 2x 400watt power house in excellent condition - 9/10, trade-in, original double box, MSPR $7,000 $2,490.00
Valvet A4 mono blocks silver with chrome front 2x 50watt Class-A, handmade in Germany, mint condition - 10/10, MSPR $7,340 $3,590.00
Scansonic MB-Center, black satin from the designer of Raidho! Center Speakers, demo, black, original box, MSRP $1,600 $850.00
Scansonic MB-6, white satin from the designer of Raidho! floorstander, demo, original boxes, MSRP $9,900 $3,990.00
Langerton Configuration 217, black gloss piano from the designer of Ascendo. floorstander, demo, original boxes, MSRP $15,540 $4,990.00
Voxativ Zeth loudspeakers, white piano Single driver speakers - handmade in Berlin, mint condtion, white, show demo pair, original box, MSRP $9,900 $4,990.00
Acoustic Revive RD-3 Disc Demagnetizer Showroom demo, 120V US unit , MSRP $550 $390.00
Furutech Destat III Dust and Static Remover Very powerful static remover, indispensable for analog lovers, demo unit MSRP $390 $250.00
Audio Desk Vinyl Cleaner PRO New and improved version of the world's best record cleaner from Germany - it just got a lot better! Showroom demo unit MSRP $4,199 $2,750.00
Synergistic Research Black Box - Low Frequency Resonator Array 2 units available - showroom demo in Excellent condition MSRP $1,995 $1,250.00

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