Demo and Pre-loved equipment

​To say thank you for your loyalty we offer our returning customers a variety of demo and pre-loved  equipment for very special prices. The offer is valid as long as stock last and for RETURNING CUSTOMERS ONLY. All devices offered here are covered with full warranty. If you want to purchase or have any questions please just drop us an email.

Lyric Audio PS 10 phono-stageLyric Audio PS 10 Phono Stage MM/MC tube phono stage made in Germany. One unit in silver available.
Condition 9/10
MSPR $4,450
Valvet soulshine IIVALVET soulshine II Made in Germany. Tube Preamp with separated  PSU.

Condition 9/10
MSPR $8,450
Aurorasound PREDAAurorasound PREDA Fully balanced, dual-mono, solid state preamplifier.

Condition 9/10
MSPR $12,990
Audio Valve Baldur 300 mono-blocksAudio Valve Baldur 300 Class-A Triode Mono-blocks made in Germany 2x 300W

Condition 9/10
MSPR $23,900
Aurorasound PADAAurorasound PADA State-of-the ART hybrid tube amp with EL 34 tubes 2x 70W

Condition 9/10
MSRP $13,990
Lyric Audio Ti140 Mk.II silverLyric Audio Ti140 integrated tube amp Push-Pull integrated tube amp with KT120 tubes and pre-out 2x 70W

Condition 9/10
MSRP $9,210
Gregitek Sirius in BlackGregitek Sirius Loudspeaker 2 1/2 way bass reflex, floor standing speakers, handmade in Italy

Condition 9/10 
MSRP $9,900
Voxativ Hagen in Black PianoVoxativ Hagen Horn-loaded single driver mini monitor speakers with 96dB made in Germany

Condition 9/10
MSRP $4,900
Langerton Configuration Duo Capable in Black PianoLangerton Configuration Duo Capable Top-line two-tower speakers with ribbon tweeter, 94dB hand made in Germany

Condition 9/10
MSRP $36,990
ARTOS Audio Mirage Extended in French NutARTOS Audio Mirage Extended 3-way floor stander with external crossover, Accuton ceramic drivers, 93dB Made in Germany

Condition 9/10
MSRP $48,990
Audio Desk Ultrasonic Vinyl Cleaner PROAudio Desk Ultrasonic Vinyl Cleaning Machine New PRO model of the Audio Desk Vinyl Cleaner in RED with many improvements. Made in Germany

Condition 10/10
MSRP $4,299
Synergistic Research PowerCell 12 UEFSynergistic Research PowerCell 12 UEF 12 outlets, with 32A Black UEF Power Cord and TeslaPlex SE receptacles

Condition 10/10
MSRP $4,495
Kemp Elektroniks MAXiiMUS P40Kemp MAXiiMUS P40 Field Generator & Power Conditioner, standalone version with Rhodium plated contacts

Condition 10/10
MSRP $2,600

Shun Mook LP Clamp
Shun Mook LP Clamp

World's best LP Clamp made from century-old ebony heart-wood. Wooden shipping box is cracked. Clamp is 9/10.

Condition 9/10
MSRP $3,200


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