New review: VALVET E2se Class-A amplifier reviewed by Postive Feedback

VALVET E2se reviewed by Positive FeedbackBruce Kinch of Positive Feedback (Issue 108) writes:

"...the VALVET E2se is simply the most addicting yet almost affordable amplifier I've heard in my system, and one of the best amps I've heard, period. It's not one size fits all, but if, like me, you have or are downsizing to a smaller room, prefer accurate and efficient loudspeakers, and can couple it with high-resolution sources and cabling, the VALVET E2se is going to be a great fit...So to echo Robert Learner's conclusion (park them on your rack for the next ten years and find other things to worry about), the VALVET E2se is a 10-year product, and while I have other things to worry about, it stays..."

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