New review: Wall Audio M50 PSET mono block tube amplifiers

Wall Audio M50 PSET mono block tube amplifiersA brand new review  for the amazing Wall Audio M50 PSET (Parallel Singe Ended) mono block tube amplifiers was just released on The StereoTimes.

Key Kim wrote: "...the Wall Audio’s midrange is glorious in timbre, tone color, liquidity, and freedom from grain. Its ability to bring to life, music’s underlining emotions was as impressive as I have heard in its price range and above. The M50 renders instruments and voices with a natural and organic quality. It didn’t matter whether I was listening to chamber music or female vocalists. Listening to Cassandra Wilson’s vinyl recording of the New Moon Daughter was exceptional. The M50 reproduced Wilson’s husky and hypnotic voice exquisitely; there was a fabulous amount of details. The pitch precision and subtle volume changes that convey feelings and moods were presented with a great sense of musical realism and emotional involvement..." CLICK HERE to check out the entire review

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