New review: Valvet A4e Class-A mono-block amplifers

Valvet A4e mono block Class-A amplifiersJochen Reinecke, Fidelity Magazin (02/2018):

"...the good news: the Valvet A4e mono-amps are actually better! Better to such an extent that the price difference is entirely justified. This can be seen in three different areas: First, micro-resolution in the upper treble has markedly improved...  Second, there is a marked improvement in locatability. Pin-point spatial orientation of instruments in the ‘background corners’ has increased, but also micro-orientation within the plane...Finally, the Valvet mono-power amps have become even faster: their ability to mobilise enormous energy from a moment of absolute stillness - without limits, compression or distortion... Those who do not get goose bumps at what the Valvet mono amps offer in terms of drive, transparency and clarity at this point should urgently make an appointment to see a doctor. My conclusion: Valvet have managed to significantly improve an already great product..."
CLICK HERE to read the entire review in English, or HERE for German
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