New review: Synergistic's PowerCell 12 UEF, Grounding Block and Black UEF Duplex tested by Part-Time Audiophile

Synergistic Research PowerCell, Grounding Block and Black UEF Duplex review on Part-Time AudiophilePart-Time Audiophile on PowerCell 12 UEF SE, Grounding Block and Black UEF Duplex (Sep. 2018):

"...the resulting impact of these three products is more than the sum of the parts. By that, I mean that with these devices it’s more of a '1+1+1=5" effect. The noise floor drops significantly, and with that, I feel like I am hearing everything my system was designed to perform... it allows the music to just flow in a more natural manner and for more musical detail, both macrodynamic and micro-dynamic in nature, to be heard.  It elevates whatever electronics and speakers you have..."
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