New review: Synergistic's Vibratron SX reviewed by Enjoy the

Synergistic Research Vibratron SX
Rick Becker of Enjoy the writes:
"...while 'Vibratron' relates to the physical action of the device, the visual design reminds me of the Space Needle in Seattle, WA. Performance-wise, it is a space needle that injects three-dimensional space from the stereo recording into the area between your listening chair and the speakers, and beyond into the soundscape we all cherish. It reduces subliminal awareness of the listening room and enhances the awareness of the musical performance and its venue. Call it a paradigm shift if you will... Personally, I like the Vibratron a lot; it is a paradigm shifter that puts me right in the cathedral with organ music and right in the mud at Woodstock. Yes, I could live without it, but why would I want to? It is a supreme indulgence..."

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