New review: Scansonic MB-6 loudspeakers

Scansonic MB-6 review
The first review for Scansonic's top-line speakers, the MB-6, has been announced.

Dominique Mafrand of Haute–Fidelite (Aug. 2016) wrote:
"...we must confess that having experienced the physical elegance and musical agility of the Scansonic MB 2.5 speaker columns, we were skeptical that the creation of a more ambitious model (the MB-6), apparently based on simply increasing the number of woofers, would make any sense... however, appearances were misleading , and to our pleasant surprise we found that the Scansonic MB- 6 offered not only all the outstanding elements of the MB 2.5 (plus more woofers), but also an additional solidity in the foundation, optimal power-handling and a more solid and stable impact..." CLICK HERE for more information

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