New review: KR Audio P135 preamp on Positive Feedback

KR Audio P135 direct heated triode preampBrad Morrical of Positive Feedback concluded (August 2017):
", what now to make of this smallest of high-end preamplifiers?  It is highly resolved in the best sense of the word where one can see into the recordings of sufficient quality. It has a soft touch that seems to be often in character with DHT (direct heated triode) output stages but loses none of the dynamics one would expect from a top preamplifier. All of this was more or less what I expected given the KR Audio heritage and it is just these characteristics that give their big amps such a strong reputation for performance. What surprised me the most was the effective punch in the bass that it delivers, which is the equal of the NAT Plasma and Einstein "The Tube" preamplifiers. This is also in character with KR amps but given the diminutive size of this preamplifier I was taken a bit off guard. Finally, music through this preamplifier just made sense and it welded things together in a convincing manner that allowed dissection without disintegration. I think that the KR Audio P-135 should be one anyone's shortlist when looking for a preamplifier between 4-10K Euro as it is really superb sounding and as such offers excellent value..."
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