New review: IntegrityHifi Tru-Sweep, Tru-Lift and Tru-Kleen reviewed by PFO

Integrityhifi thested by Positive Feedback Online
Gary Lea of Positive Feedback wrote (May 2020):

" here you have three items that can make your vinyl journey even more enjoyable. Easy cleaning of your stylus with every play, an anti static dust brush that tracks the album in front of your clean stylus, and not only picks up dust but goes a long way towards completely eliminating static in playback, and at the end another device that gently lifts your tonearm at the end of play. How can you not love that? Make no mistake, the production of these items is really a true labor of love for Carlo. It shows in every piece that they make. I do not think I can endorse these items any more emphatically than to buy all three and make them an integral part of my vinyl ritual..."

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