New review: Aurorasound VIDA Prima in a Phono Stage Survey on Twittering Machines

Aurorasound VIDA Prima in a TM's Phono Stage Survey

Michael Lavorgna writes:
"...I enjoyed the VIDA Prima with the Ortofon 2M Black, finding it 'rich, detailed and—of greatest importance—well balanced'. Coupled with its retro-inspired looks, I could easily make it mine for the longer haul. When paired with the Denon 103, I fell even more deeply, as this couple made music sound even richer—as bold as love. While the 103 is not as detailed as the Ortofon, it injects a jolt of sonic energy into any music you ask it to play. Super addictive. If I list all of the VIDA Prima’s pluses, they make its $1290 asking price sound like a bargain..."

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