New review: HighEnd Novum's PMR Premium Mk.II reviewed by The StereoTimes

HighEnd Novum PMR Premium Mk.IIGreg Voth of The StereoTimes concluded (August 2018):

"...we audiophiles tend to over-dramatize the effect of the slightest improvement by tweak… this is NOT one of those times. However esoteric the Novum PMR ll might appear, it’s the real deal, folks. After my experience at Dan’s, hearing the Novum PMR both in and out of his system, I went home and tried making my own version, investing some pocket change in a gong . Things didn’t go as planned… if it worked at all, the effect was too subtle. However, it did give my rig a nice 'audio alter' focal point. Not so with the new Novum PMR ll Multifocal Resonator – whether by science, voodoo or nose to the grind stone audio technical knowhow, I can tell you that both the original and this new model of the PMR ll work wonderfully as reported. I’ll have this PMR ll in my system from this point on!"

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